Friday, February 19, 2010

Bait And Switch Friends

Jehovah’s Witnesses are indoctrinated through talks and publications of the Watchtower Society to recruit members. Their primary focus towards anyone who is not a Jehovah’s Witness is to convert them. Although they will not out rightly say so, and will use such phrases as ‘encourage people to look into the Bible’, what they are really attempting is to ‘encourage people to interpret and understand the Bible according to the Watchtower Society’.

The sincerity and kindness they seemingly show can even be questioned when the true motives of such actions become apparent. Take for instance the teachings seen by Jehovah’s Witnesses as spiritual food in the November 15, 2009, Watchtower article with the theme, ‘Displaying Good Manners As A Minister Of God’. It covers pages 24-29 of the journal. Notice the admonition and what should be the true motive in making friends with those who are not members as noted in paragraph 10:

"Consider the case of a Christian couple named Tom and Carol, who live in a large North American city. They have made pleasant conversation with their neighbours a part of their ministry. How do they do it? Referring to James 3:18, Tom says: "We try to be friendly and peaceable with people. We approach those we see outside their homes and those who work in the area. We smile and greet them. We talk about what interests them--their children, their dogs, their homes, their jobs. In time, they view us as their friends." Carol adds: "On a later visit, we give them our names and ask for theirs. We let them know what we are doing in the neighbourhood but keep the conversations brief. Eventually, we can give them a witness." Tom and Carol have won the confidence of many of their neighbours. A good number have accepted Bible-based publications, and a few have shown greater interest in learning the truth.”

The Jehovah’s Witnesses indoctrinated objective is not to be a sincere friend to those who are outside of the organization, but rather to give the appearance of one, so as to be able to preach to a person the Watchtower Society’s 'truth' - “give them a witness”. There may be a Jehovah's Witness you know that is a true friend despite this teaching of their leaders (Referred to by Jehovah’s Witnesses as 'The Governing Body'). Nonetheless, this is the message, the practice, and the so-called love Jehovah’s Witnesses are trained to show to those whom they label as ‘worldly people’.

Furthermore, remember the “Bible-based publications” mentioned in the quoted paragraph are more magazines, books and the like, that are published by the Watchtower Society. It is their interpretation and their twist on matters, which when accepted by an outsider, is seen as taking an interest in “the truth”. This so called 'truth' is the current or present truth as taught by the Watchtower Society. Remember though, that 'truth' can often change, this includes returning to an older belief they once had, as seen in the Watchtower Society’s teachings of ‘generation’ or the resurrection of the men of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are in the bait and switch game, whether conscience of the fact or not. They bait or lure individuals under a false premise or pretense in order to ultimately make more converts under an organization in which they are programmed to perceive as 'the truth'. That victum is love bombed and praised by members for taking the bait. Once indoctrinated enough, a switch occurs ever so subtly and the person must be a loyal member to the organization, or else suffer at the very least mental and emotional anguish.

Fact of the matter is a game has been played on them by the Watchtower Society. It continues to be played now, as it has been played throughout the organization’s history. That same quoted paragraph appropriately stated the Jehovah’s Witnesses “won the confidence” of those around them. In the Watchtower Society’s game, they are trying to ‘win’ everybody’s confidence.

The Watchtower Society convinces individual members to believe they have choice, they have freedom, but the reality is the members are taught severe consequence; including the ingrained notion and belief that they will die eternally and fall out of God’s favor should they not follow the organization. The bait of choice and freedom is switched to a trap of the mind and heart.

The bait of a fa├žade love and friendship is switched (realized or not), with a real guilt and fear. The consequence of either a literal or believed losing of everything and everyone, should you even attempt to no longer be a member of the organization. It is the ultimate bait and switch, encompassing the kind of friendship no one should be interested in having as part of their life.