Friday, April 13, 2012

Family Rejection

The Watchtower Society on one hand instills a strong directive about Jehovah's Witnesses rejecting former members, even if the person is their own flesh and blood.  On the other hand, they state members "endure extreme rejection" and are being "forsaken", when a non-Jehovah's Witness does likewise to a member of their organization.

From the July 15, 2012, Watchtower, page 24, in the article, "Of Whom Shall I Be In Dread?" under the sub-heading "Trust In God's Help":

"However, many today have had to endure extreme rejection by their family. Yet, many thus forsaken have found help and protection in the warmth of the Christian congregation."

The same organization, utilizing the same journal, just a few months prior in the April 15, 2012 issue, page 12, in the article, "Betrayal - An Ominous Sign Of Times!" under the sub-heading "Remain Loyal To Jehovah", admonished the following:

"However, because he did not receive even the slightest communication from any of his family, the burning desire to be with them became one motivating factor in his restoring his relationship with Jehovah. Think of that if you are ever tempted to violate God’s command not to associate with your disfellowshipped relatives."

So straight from the teaching tools of the organization, they acknowledge the damage done by rejection, but promote Jehovah's Witnesses to reject their own family if that individual is no longer a member of the organization. Consequently, the Watchtower Society completely ignores the untold numbers of broken homes and families that have been decimated by their interpretation of the bible.

A welcoming sanctuary is how the organization paints itself for those whose families take drastic action towards individuals who are members of the Jehovah's Witnesses religion, and overlooks that in many cases Watchtower doctrine and practices cause family break-ups, rather than being a solution for them.

They freely accuse families of forsaking their loved ones, without acknowledging that they encourage family members to forsake one another when it suits their agenda, even having the audacity to state it is "God's command".

Furthermore, what the organization is admonishing in the Watchtower article quoted above from April 15, 2012, is undeniably to carry out emotional blackmail.

It is another example of how Jehovah's Witnesses have hypocrisy instilled into their teachings, beliefs, and practices.

Disloyal, lack of love, no natural affection...You could be reading from 2 Timothy chapter 3, or you could be learning how Jehovah's Witnesses are taught to act towards family who do not agree with the Watchtower. It’s family rejection courtesy of the Watchtower Society.