Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TV.JW.ORG - A Hip And Cuddly Watchtower Rebranding

What can we stream from the net today?

Catholic Broadcasting -

Baptist Broadcasting -

Christian Broadcasting -

Trinity/Christian Broadcasting -

Mormon Broadcasting -

And now...

Jehovah’s Witnesses Broadcasting -

As the self-proclaimed 'celestial chariot of God' plays catch up with the other religions of the world, the re-branding and relatively new marketed Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society's religion, distances itself even further from its embarrassing "Watchtower" associated history and pushes forward with its 'JW.ORG' moniker.

Those who have the experience of being a part of the organization in the 1990's and earlier will recall the outright bad-mouthing and demonizing of the internet and broadcast media evangelizing.

However, desperate times call for desperate measures.  So, Jehovah's Witnesses, welcome to a modernization, in part, by immersing into the religious multimedia club; as the Society's business leaders try to make the religion appear less antiquated and more mainstream.

Will it work, or will it backfire to an extent?  Time will tell.  History has shown many will continue to toe the line, regardless of any change the leaders implement and the flip-flopping on many issues.

Additionally, to aid in the Orwellian world the Watchtower Society provides to its sheep regarding its past, they've only made available online, literature from the year 2000 and newer, while having discontinued CD-ROMs containing older Watchtower produced publications filled with hypocrisy and contradictions.

In an age of information though, the opportunity for ignorance to remain and the overlooking of facts occurs less, especially in First World nations, as do tolerance for those who continue to perpetrate a fraud.  Nonetheless, the 'social club' aspect of a book publishing company turned real estate money making machine may retain its loyal followers.

Furthermore, the emotional and mental hold, the investment of one's life and resources, may have reached or will reach a tipping point yet.