Thursday, November 13, 2008

The New World Translation – Part I: Compared with KIT

The Watchtower Society published ‘The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures’ in 1969. In the title page it states its purpose:

“Presenting a literal word-for-word translation into English under the Greek text as set out in The New Testament in the Original Greek”

Take note of the following comparisons between the scriptures from the Watchtower Society’s ‘Kingdom Interlinear Translation’ {KIT} and the Bible Jehovah's Witnesses are directed to use primarily by the Watchtower Society, their ‘New World Translation’ {NWT}:

KIT: Christ created “all (things).”
NWT: Christ created “all [other] things.”

The Watchtower Society inserts the word “other” here as well as many additional times in these verses. By doing so, it supports the Watchtower Society’s doctrine respecting Christ being created. Besides a correct translation of this verse, this doctrine can be also refuted if you reference John 1:3. There it states that Christ created “all things” and not "all other things" as the Watchtower Society would have us believe.

KIT: “all the fullness of the divinity” dwells in Christ.
NWT: “all the fullness of divine quality” dwells in Christ.

The Watchtower Society has taken the liberty of translating “divinity” into “divine quality”. The reason is simple; while the Watchtower Society recognizes Jesus as the Son of God, they strip him of his God-Ship. Nonetheless, the Greek word referenced here “Theotes” when literally translated means “deity, the state of being God, Godhead”.

KIT: God gave Christ the name “over every name.”
NWT: God gave Christ the name “above every [other] name.”

The Watchtower Society teaches that Jehovah is the name that is above every other name. In order to have this scriptures coincide with their teaching they once again inserted the word “other” into the scriptures.

KIT: “be found in him”
NWT: “be found in union with him”

When an individual is positioned “in Christ” it means that one is trusting in Christ alone for his righteousness. Consequently, there is a big difference between being “in union” with Christ and actually being positioned “in Christ.” Further, when God sees a person who is “in Christ”, He sees this person as being in Christ's righteousness instead of their own.

JOHN 8:58
KIT: “Before Abraham to become I am.”
NWT: “Before Abraham came into existence, I have been.”

Interestingly, the Greek expression “ego eimi” (I am) is translated properly in every other place it appears within the NWT except for here. The reason again is a correct translation of this verse would have contradicted the Watchtower Society’s doctrine on Jesus and Jehovah. In this verse, Jesus was identifying Himself as Jehovah by using the same “I am” expression which can be found at Exodus 3:14.

JOHN 14:10
KIT: “If ever anything you should ask me....”
NWT: “If you ask anything....”

Prayer is a form of worship. Since worship is only to be directed to God, the Watchtower Society could not have this verse reading as it should, since they teach that Jesus is not God. Therefore they removed the words “ask me”. This supports the Watchtower Society’s doctrine of praying only to Jehovah and not to Jesus.

JOHN 1:1
KIT: “god was the Word.”
NWT: “the Word was a god.”

This verse is speaking about The Word who is Jesus. Clearly then, this verse states Jesus is God. However, the Watchtower Society argues that since “the” does not appear before God in this half of the verse, their placing the article “a” for the NWT is correct. The Watchtower Society picks and chooses how to apply their own rule though, since if they were consistent with their reasoning, John 1:6 would state: “there arose a man that was sent forth as a representative of a God”. Such a statement would make no sense.

There are many more examples that could be sited where the Watchtower Society has added or taken away from the word of God in their ‘New World Translation’ of the scriptures to go along with their doctrine.

Additionally, the Kingdom Interlinear Translation is not available to order through the Watchtower Society for many years now and does not appear on the Watchtower Library CD-ROM published by the Watchtower Society. The reason is clear; they do not want their doctrines or teachings to be exposed for the lies and trickery they contain.

Prove it to yourself and read a copy of ‘The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures’, 1969 edition. If the very foundation - the source material - being used (The New World Translation) by a religion is false, the religion itself must also be false.