Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keep on the Watch

A few years back, the Watchtower Society had a campaign with a tract entitled Keep on the Watch! which was published in 2004. Another campaign was supposed to take place in January 2008 with the same tract. The months leading up to January 2008 in Our Kingdom Ministry stressed and highlighted in its usual announcement area the literature placement indeed would be the Keep On The Watch! tract.

However, in a very brief Letter to the Body of Elders, dated November 14, 2007 it states:

"Please inform the congregation of the following adjustment to the January 2008 literature offer. Instead of the brochure Keep on the Watch!, the book What Does the Bible Really Teach? should be offered. If householders already have the book, publishers may offer any 192-page book printed on paper that discolors or any book published prior to 1992 with the exception of Creation, Mankind's Search for God, and Young People Ask."

This was a sudden and very surprising change of events for the Watchtower Society. Why cancel the campaign? Congregations already had their ample supply of tracts to distribute. Could there be something wrong with the tract itself?

On Page 3 under the section 'The Religious Scene', it states:

"Priest sexually exploit young people; church cover-up. Decline in attendance; church buildings sold."

Could the above possibly describe the Watchtower Society?

For instance, sixteen sexual abuse victims settled nine lawsuits in which individuals were sexually abused as children by Jehovah's Witnesses members and leaders. Settlements were reached in late February and early March 2007 for millions of dollars as a result of those lawsuits alone.

Additionally, the Watchtower Society's policy would protect the predator of a sexually abused child by stating two witnesses would need to be present to the offence before the congregation could take action against an individual. Of course, the chance that there are two witnesses to the sexual abuse of a child is extremely unlikely. Many of times, accused abusive elders would never be known and moved to different congregations over time.

Even in our present time - January 2009 - The most wanted child predator in the United States is Frederick McLean a former Jehovah's Witnesses elder with an abuse record spanning some 20 years against young children.

It is more than just a little known fact that attendance in Jehovah's Witnesses congregations across the United States is down. The little growth seen overall within Jehovah's Witnesses congregations is at the level or even less than population growth of the country. Population growth in the US over the last couple of years has been ~2-3%. The 2007 Service Year report for Jehovah's Witnesses shows an increase of 3%. While the 2008 Service Year report shows an increase of 2.1%.

Most lands outside the United States which have seen more than population growth are in generally less educated or/and wealthy lands - especially those where the internet is not as readily available for individuals to research and investigate the Watchtower Society organization.

And what about the selling of "church buildings"?

In 2007 as well as years prior and after, the Watchtower Society has sold and will continue to sell buildings, obtaining tens of millions of dollars for each sale.

Could it be that the finger the Watchtower Society has Jehovah's Witnesses pointing at other religions should be directed right back at them? Is it that individuals have come forward realizing the hypocrisy and the problems the Watchtower Society highlights concerning other religions can be found right in their own?

Since the tract's published year of 2004, the internet continues to grow and people continue to educate themselves. This includes the knowledge of the Watchtower Society and its past and current problems. Do the research and investigate. Selling buildings, decline in attendance, pedophilia and cover-up all describes the Watchtower Society. The way the Watchtower Society attacks other religions is the same attack that is valid against them.