Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How We Will Be Judged

The Watchtower of December 15, 2010, page 20, paragraph 19, under the article "Reap Blessings Through God's Spirit-Guided King!" states:

"Among those "gifts in men" are the members of the Governing Body, who act in a representative way for the entire Christian congregation. In fact, our attitude toward Christ's spiritual brothers is a major factor that will determine how we will be judged during the coming great tribulation. Thus, one aspect of the way we gain a blessing is by giving our loyal support to God's anointed ones."

It appears in their magazine this way:

The Watchtower Society cherry picks select verses from Acts chapter 15 to support a so-called 'Governing Body' in the first century. The fact is this passage was over the one matter of circumcision in which Paul and Barnabus decided it would be best to go to the place where the conflict originated and discussed with a council there. However, it was for that one matter and one matter only. Paul, Barnabus, and other faithful followers of Jesus Christ such as Timothy, did things on their own with no further discussions with anyone from Jerusalem or any so-called Governing Body.

Assuming the role for the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses of being brothers of Christ, the Watchtower Society then rips a few verses from Matthew chapter 25, where Jesus basically states if you don't support my brothers you don't support me.  According to the verses in that chapter, those who don't support Jesus' brothers receive everlasting punishment [The Watchtower Society interrupts this to mean not a literal everlasting punishment but eternal death remembered everlastingly], and the righteous receive eternal life.

In either case, both scriptural citations are a weak attempt in trying to provide some twisted biblical backing to the message of: 'Be loyal and have a positive attitude towards us, or else you will be judged unfavorably to eternal death!'.

The messages to Jehovah's Witnesses that is being indoctrinated into their hearts and minds are:

Loyal, Supportive, Faithful to Governing Body = Everlasting 'Perfect' Life.

Disloyal, Unsupportive, Unfaithful to Governing Body = Eternal Death.

The above is impounded and brow-beat into the members of the organization, over and over, time and time again.

As is the case with many cult and cult-like organizations, obedience and loyalty to the leader comes first.  The difference with Jehovah's Witnesses demonstrates obedience not to one, but several men who call themselves the ‘Governing Body’.  They hold the power and key with instilling fear and allegiance into the members. Loyalty to the organization and its leaders is inculcated above all else in the members' lives, inclusive of family and friends. Jehovah’s Witnesses need to wake up.