Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I just came across some tragic news today. This is absolutely and completely terrible and horribly devastating. My deepest sympathies and warm thoughts to those impacted by this tragedy - Especially to those who were closest affected by it.

I will implore those who think there is some ‘good’ within the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses to please think long and hard about that ‘good’. The ‘good’ is either superficially, fake, phony, counterfeit or/and can be found elsewhere.

If you can honestly say you have personally examined and experienced the thousands of Christian denominations, some of which make the same claims as Jehovah’s Witnesses, then you will know that there is truly nothing special or particularly unique about the organization, despite their propaganda to the contrary.

There is though a ‘bad’, an ‘evil’ that is ever so rampant, practiced as well as supported by its millions of followers by means of the interpretations and teachings of the Watchtower.

This ‘bad’ this ‘evil’ that is not an exception has happen and continues to happen many times over to those who were members is real, is undeniable and shows what is at the core of the Watchtower’s fruitage. It is not love. Any love is trumped and superseded by guilt and fear. An organization that thrives off fear, superficially coated in an artificial love that becomes evident and abundant once a member leaves or is removed from the ranks.

Shunning is by far the most evil, manipulative and abusive device employed by the Watchtower Society and enforced by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It breaks up and divides families along with sometimes driving those impacted to mental instability, chronic depression, and extremely sad in some cases, like Eric Reeder – known to many as Oompa – Suicide.

Oompa, I am so, so sorry your pain and hurt was more than you could bear any longer due to the shunning you experienced…May you finally be resting in peace.


Keep Yourselves In God's Love (2008), Appendix, How To Treat A Disfellowshipped Person:
"Is strict avoidance really necessary? Yes...Loyal Christian family members do not look for excuses to have dealings with a disfellowshipped relative not living at home...Bible principles on this subject apply equally to those who disassociate themselves from the congregation."

Our Kingdom Ministry, August 2002, Page 4, paragraph 12:
"Benefits of Being Loyal to Jehovah: Cooperating with the Scriptural arrangement to disfellowship and shun unrepentant wrongdoers is beneficial."

Watchtower, July 15, 1961, page 420:
"...in order to hate what is bad a Christian must hate the person with whom the badness is inseparably linked."

Watchtower, November 15, 1952, page 703:
"The law of the land and God’s law through Christ forbid us to kill apostates, even though they be members of our own flesh-and-blood family relationship."