Thursday, May 1, 2014

Appointing Power And Responsibility

The following letter dated April 22, 2014 was recently read to all congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses from their Governing Body:

Oddly enough, it has taken decades for Jehovah’s Holy Spirit to reveal to the Governing Body this scriptural precedent of having traveling/circuit overseers perform appointments and deletions of Ministerial Servants and Elders directly for the congregations.

Or is the reason due to what was once viewed as power and control by the Governing Body has become a liability.

Indeed, by placing the responsibility of appointment and deletions into the hands of Circuit Overseers, issues like Elders and Ministerial Servants sexually molesting or even raping children cannot be traced directly back to the Governing Body as the ones responsible for appointing and retaining such individuals within the congregation.

Rather, the finger points and accountability reaches to the height of the Circuit Overseer only; whereas now the Governing Body can once again wash its hands clean of responsibility.

The Governing Body is not only retreating in their previous prominent physical location to a more secluded and isolated area, they are also trying to minimize and reduce their accountability towards congregational issues.

Truly these are spiritual leaders of integrity and self-sacrifice, are they not?