Friday, June 24, 2011

Organization Translation

In the Branch Organization manual, February 2003 revised edition, the following is noted regarding Bible translating in chapter 25, page notation 25-5, point 46:

Notice what the Society bolded to stand out in their directives:

It is not necessary for Bible translators to know Hebrew and Greek.

The interesting and sadly obvious reason is if the translator did know the Hebrew and Greek languages, they would come to the realization that there are several places in the New World Translation that have been altered by the Watchtower Society to fit their specific doctrine.

It would be silly to have qualified translators who actually understand the language they are supposed to be ‘translating’, right?

An alternative explanation is they may utilize the faulty and falsely translated English edition of the New World Translation as the basis, instead of referring to the original Hebrew and Greek text.

Additionally, it is a proven fact that the Watchtower Society cited and referred to the Bible translation of Johannes Greber, who had heavy ties and involvement with the occult, in support of their translation of the Bible.  The Watchtower Society would later lie about the facts and try to brush aside the matter.

Furthermore, the Watchtower Society states that the translators do not have to be the ones with the most experience, but only that they are "good" and "both faithful and willing to follow directions closely". It reeks of the organization taking precedent over real truth.

For instance, if a translator was posed with a moral dilemma of either being accurate with the translation or obeying the Watchtower Society's Writing Department's directives, the translator should do what they're told by the Watchtower Society.

The organization always comes first, even above an accurate translation of the Bible.