Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remembering Harold Camping

By now it's hard to come across anyone with access to news media that has not heard of Harold Camping and Family Radio Worldwide. His bold prediction of a rapture to occur on May 21, 2011, did not pan out per his eager expectation and prediction. Naturally, he has an excuse - It was invisible.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time Harold Camping made such a prophecy.

Notice these statements:

"After 1925 expect shortly Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.. No doubt many boys and girls who read this book will live to see Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, and those other men of old come forth in the glory of their better resurrection, of perfect in mind and body. It will not take long for Christ to appoint them to their post of honor and authority as his earthly representatives. The world and all the present conveniences will seem strange to them at first, but they will soon become accustomed to the new methods. They may have some amusing experiences at first; for they never saw telephones, radios, automobiles, electric lights, aeroplanes, steam engines, and many other things so familiar to us."

Whoops...That was not Harold Camping, but the man God was using to lead his people back in 1924, according to the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. Joseph Rutherford, the Watchtower Society's second president, who at the time was *the* faithful slave, providing spiritual food to God's only channel on the earth. The quote can be found in the publication, "The Way To Paradise" - published in 1924, on pages 224-6.

Remember, in 1924 you were to "expect shortly" after 1925, the ancient prophets and other men of the Bible to be resurrected!

What Harold Camping really proclaimed is the following:

"If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things. Why not? Because all the evidence in fulfillment of Bible prophecy indicates that this corrupt system is due to end in a few years."

No wait, that was from the Governing Body endorsed mouthpiece of God's faithful and discreet slave class per Jehovah's Witnesses. Not Harold Camping but the leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses in the May 22, 1969 Awake! magazine, page 15 where such prophecy and "good news" was found.

Remember, in 1969 you would never grow old as a young person as the "corrupt system is due to end in a few years"!

This quote, definitely was Harold Camping:

"Reports are heard of brothers selling their homes and property and planning to finish out the rest of their days in this old system in the pioneer service. Certainly this is a fine way to spend the short time remaining before the wicked world's end."

Wow, sorry...It looks like that was the Governing Body mouthpiece of the Faithful and Discreet Slave again. Jehovah's Witnesses spiritual food found in the May 1974 Kingdom Ministry, page 3.

Remember, in 1974 selling your home and property was encouraged and commended because the rest of the days left could be spent preaching "the wicked world's end"!

Finally, we have found another prediction by Harold Camping:

"The apostle Paul was spearheading the Christian missionary activity. He was also laying a foundation for a work that would be completed in our 20th century."

Yikes, that was again the leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Watchtower magazine, this time January 1, 1989 on page 12. That little prophecy was so embarrassingly recent that you need the original magazine to find it. The Watchtower Society changed the quote in their publish Bound Volume and CD-ROM of the Watchtower, where "20th century" was changed to "day"; a very obvious cover up.

Remember, in 2000 or earlier, before January 1, 2001 the preaching work should have ended!

Harold Camping, spiritual leader of Family Radio Worldwide and the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society, spiritual leader of Jehovah's Witnesses…It really is hard to tell the two apart, so very similar. It makes you wonder what the similarities are between their followers as well.